Scrap Girl – The Teaser

The teaser is another tool to grow our audience, kind of whet people’s appetite for the feature. When enough people follow us and talk about the film, it will get attention of coproducers and investors. So we need a killer promotion teaser, that’s for sure.

Something to show the tone and story of my film without my face talking the whole time.

We will use some of the scenes filmed so far and complement them with two new scenes.
The new scenes are required, because we need to
1.emphasize the emotional impact of this character-driven plot.
2.showcase excellent CGI for our science-fiction audience.

The first scene is the “Dear Robert” monologue of Nant which tells a lot about her rollercoaster ride of emotions and the unjust world she lives in. We hear the monologue as a voice-over. It is a speech full of love and humanity. In stark contrast we show how Nant has to step out of herself, doing dreadful things to her siblings.

The other scene is the full CGI scene currently in the work. It is the establishment shot we will use as the movie’s intro.

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